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August 8, 2016
The Other F Word
The Other F Word. Stream It Now!
September 8, 2016

P1010592-2For the 2016 season, NYMF (The New York Musical Festival) Board Member Hugh Hayes commissioned us to work with him, Executive Director & Producer Dan Markley, and Director of Programming & Artist Services Rachel Sussman to create a new award design for the Festival. The NYMF Award was given out to many talented people on Sunday night at the festival closing party.

For the 2016 season, NYMF rebranded, and shortened their name from The New York Musical Theatre Festival to The New York Musical Festival which better speaks to the breadth of their mission. The new branding was our starting point. Hugh asked for a few words about the design, so here they are:

NYMF AwardWe’re visual storytellers. We design sets and lights for film, theatre, television, and corporate events. Like any theatre artists, we start at the script. In this case, the script was the new branding and image that NYMF created. The new branding is clean and elegant, it is also instantly recognizable. Using the logo seemed to be a great way to quickly identify NYFM and honor the work of the participants.

The logo is clean and modern, like any good metaphor, that dictated parts of the design. The material also needed to be clean and modern and that opened the door to choosing Plexiglas as a medium. While the logo can be interpreted in many ways and many colors a simple clear and etched look mounted on black seemed the most elegant solution.

xtn-500_michaelcastillejos,,richardcrandle,,elizabetha.davis,,adrianblakeenscoe,,kathryngallagher,,paulhinkes,,danmarkley,,rachelsussman.jpg.pagespeed.ic.9iRoc1jIKsAll in all, the party was a great time, many hard working people from all over the world celebrating success. As a judge, I had the opportunity to see almost 20 different productions over the course of the month. That too was a very rewarding experience. I also think I saw some shows, and certainly some talent that many others will see in the future.

Broadway World covered the party and all of the winners here.

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